2moro2nite was scientifically designed to focus on hangover prevention and recovery, combining a blend of electrolytes, liver essential minerals and mind revitalizing vitamins. The unique 2moro2nite formulation rehydrates, revitalizes body and mind, protects your liver and helps your liver and other organs to break down alcohol during a night out!

This is not your run of the mill hangover cure – there is nothing like it in South Africa and perhaps even the world!


What makes 2moro2nite so special?


2moro2note was specifically developed to focus on hangover prevention and recovery. Although there are other products on the market which may help to prevent a hangover, these products normally require you to take additional products such as an electrolyte drink, nausea medication, liver recovery/protection products and energy enhancing drinks. 2moro2nite contains ingredients which:

  • replenish electrolytes in the body ensuring rehydration;
  • protect the liver by assisting in breakdown of alcohol;
  • protects the kidneys by preventing and/or reducing injury caused by toxins;
  • revitalize the mind;
  • help with effective absorption of alcohol.
  • Act as potent anti-oxidants in the body which protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.


2moro2nite contains ingredients which are found commonly in food. We have conveniently included these ingredients in one product making it easy to consume before and after a night out.


2moro2nite tastes great! You can’t go wrong with our Passion Orange flavour! Mix it with 300ml of freezing cold water to provide you with a great tasting refreshing drink that you can take the night of and the morning after!

INGREDIENTS – Each 5g sachet contains:

N-Acety-Cysteine 600mg Ascorbic Acid 300mg Sweetners 22mg
L Theanine 100mg Trisodium Citrate (E331) 750mg Anticaking Agent (E551) 5mg
Thiamine – Vit B1 75mg Sodium Chloride 320mg Surfactant (E1521) 30mg
Nicothinamide – Vit B3 40mg Postassium Chloride (E508) 180mg Flavouring 180mg
Pyridoxine 4mg Magnesium AAC 20% 125mg Tartaric Acid 30mg
Vitamin B12 9ug Sucrose 2000mg Citric Acid Anhydrous (E330) 25ug


Direction for use: Dissolve cotent in 300ml of cold water and mix thoroughly until completely dissolved. (Use cold water for great taste!).

Dosage: Take 1 sachet after indulging before bed.

Optimum results: Take 1 sachet before indulging, 1 sachet after  and 1 sachet the morning after.